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A Gifted Solution

Who are we?  A Gifted Solution is not a huge company but we offer something they can't give.  Great customer service.

Located in New York City and East Hampton, A Gifted Solution is a convenient one-stop gift and party center offering quality products that fit every occasion, age group, and lifestyle. Giving the appropriate gift requires thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and an understanding of the recipient's needs, interests, and wants. Planning a party calls for inspiration and creativity. Most of our customers are well-informed who demand an individualized approach to their gift giving and party planning. They want products that emphasize style and quality plus have value. Convenience is very important to our customers and we understand how valuable their time is. In these hectic times, with careers and families to attend to, most people have little time to shop for the perfect gift or plan a unique party, much less, spend the time shopping at department stores. At A Gifted Solution, we have taken the guesswork out of your gift giving and party planning.

With easy navigation, our gift and party collections are searchable by occasion, recipient, specialty shops or theme party. Our website is designed so you can choose one item or a group of items arranged by a theme based on the occasion or based on the recipient's interests and preferences. Each gift selection is cleverly packaged and presented to make your gift more personalized, memorable, and meaningful. This type of attention to individualized product selection makes the recipient feel that they are special and that a lot of thought was given to choosing the "perfect gift". From the elegant to the whimsical; from the practical to the indulgent; from the sophisticated to the offbeat; from gourmet items to keepsake items; A Gifted Solution is your answer for planning unique parties and giving gifts that pamper, humor, appease, and satisfy anyone, anytime for every occasion.

Please feel free to email us or call us if you want any suggestions for a recipient or for your next party.
We look forward to working with you!

Kim and Staff

Our hours are: 10:00 am -6:00 pm EST
Telephone: 1-800-720-8456
Email: customer service